What is the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association?


Founded in 1969, the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association (NHSA) is an association of independently incorporated snowmobile clubs, working together as a unified voice to speak forthe sport of snowmobiling and to promote it as a safe family recreation. The NHSA is made up of all segments of the snowmobiling community including clubs, club members, distributors, dealers, and contributors.


The Purpose of NHSA



How is the NHSA Governed?


The Board of Directors and Officers meet the third Tuesday of every month. The Board consists of Directors and Assistant Directors for each county, a Dealer Director and a Contributor Director.The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer officiate each meeting. Also in attendance are representatives from the New Hampshire Fish and Game and Bureau of Trails and other special guests. The typical agenda is to discuss and decide on activities pertaining to, but not limited to:



Why join the NHSA?



What do you get with your membership in NHSA?